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Check COVID-19 for the export of 2020 colored stainless steel

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 For the personnel of import and export business of colored stainless steel, it is very necessary to check the situation of COIVD-19. Due to the influence of COVID-19, the precautionary measures of different countries are different.
As an important exporter of China, colored stainless steel has the largest output in the world. The main base is located in Foshan, China. It is an important city focusing on colored stainless steel products. Also colored stainless steel

Important creative research and development base.
As each country is affected by COVID-19 in 2020, the import and export business of each country is also affected to a certain extent. Some countries with serious epidemics, even closing the country gate, also enter appropriate protective measures
, To deal with the troubles caused by COVID-19. Therefore, the import and export of colored stainless steel materials are also affected.
As of the current June, some countries have begun to open their doors, and color stainless steel products have been gradually eased, thus ensuring the demand for decoration industries in various countries.
For an important country of origin, Foshan, China, ended the impact of COVID-19 in March and entered normal production and life. There is no problem for exporting colored stainless steel products.
Only need to know whether the situation of COVID-19 in the country is open before purchasing.


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