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COVID-19, how to ensure the resumption of color stainless steel production

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The resumption of production of colored stainless steel, for COVID-19, many industries have been greatly impacted, countries must not be shut down to stop the production to complete the epidemic prevention work, near the improvement of COVID-19, the resumption of production began one after another, how we will do effective measures Safe production, for the inexperienced stainless steel industry countries, it is worth learning from China's experience that has just achieved results.
It is imperative to resume the production of colored stainless steel industry and solve the problem of building decoration materials. The demand of various countries increases with the improvement of COVID-19. How can the factory safely survive the resumption of production and respond calmly

For the recurrence of COVID-19, here are some suggestions based on Chinese experience:
1. Color stainless steel production workers need to wear masks when they go to work in order to prevent cross-infection and provide self-protection protection;
2. Disinfect the stainless steel plant to prevent the virus from growing and remaining;
3. Conduct temperature measurement for the office production personnel entering the stainless steel factory area and discover the normal status of the personnel in time;
4. For the surface protection of colored stainless steel products, staff must wear gloves to reduce direct contact with the body;
5. Wash hands frequently to ensure health and safety awareness and reduce bacteria retention;
6. In the centralized meal, control the safety and take appropriate protection.
7. Return to your home after get off work and protect yourself before entering the door to prevent the virus from being passed on to your family.
The above is some of the protection experience of color stainless steel resumption and production resumption, hope to help more people.


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