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Will the stainless steel decorative screen change color after being used for a long time?

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When using stainless steel decorative screens, people usually have a question about whether the stainless steel decorative screen will fade, and what is the connection between the colored stainless steel sheet and the stainless steel decorative screen. Today I will talk about some doubts about the partition of the stainless steel decorative screen!

1. Survival of stainless steel decorative screen in natural environment

In fact, a seaside city is a key area for testing the characteristics of a material. The seaside city is close to the sea, the air contains more salt powder, and the moisture is heavy. Therefore, the best place to check the stainless steel decorative screen is. If these places can guarantee that the decorative screen will not change color, then this shows that the quality of stainless steel is very good. Because the technology and technology of the stainless steel decorative screen are improved during production, the product is properly protected, and it is not easy to be faded or discolored due to the influence of the external space. Although the stainless steel decorative plate undergoes a series of surface treatments to improve its corrosion resistance, all materials are placed in a dim and cold natural environment, and ordinary products will be subject to oxidation and discoloration, but if the product is treated with anti-fingerprint protection In general, stainless steel decorative screens can last for 20 years.

2, the stainless steel decorative screen depends on the strength of production

Everyone knows that 201 stainless steel is very easy to cause rust, but the price of 304 stainless steel is far more than 201 stainless steel. Therefore, in order to obtain higher profits, some unscrupulous manufacturers choose 201 stainless steel to carry out the precision polishing process and dress up as 304 stainless steel. At the same time, in the production process of electroplated PVC coating, the production time is shortened, the cost is saved, and the time for the formation of the coating is insufficient to cause instability, and product quality problems such as discoloration are very prone to occur.

For CBSA international large-scale brand enterprises, use excellent production technology and quality control process to ensure that the product is not easy to fade. The key to the problem of fading is whether the purchase of high-quality 304 stainless steel screen materials is related to the plating process. The time for the color electroplating to place the screen partition in the PVD coating furnace is not less than 30 minutes, and it is required to achieve the national A-level specification. For desert cities in high coastal areas, 316 stainless steel materials are mostly used to make stainless steel decorative screens, 316 materials are more resistant to acids and alkalis, and high-quality metal materials are used for stainless steel screens.


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