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How to design stainless steel decorative profiles?

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-06-20 20:30:04
For stainless steel decorative profiles, it has been widely used in indoor home spaces, high-end restaurant clubs and commercial spaces. So, how do designers design and what shapes do they have? Next, I will share with you some cases:
The most widely used stainless steel decorative profiles are indoor ceilings, door frame decorations, and wall applications. The ceiling decoration is very important for the design style. Some modern styles are decorated with simple lines of stainless steel profiles; some are European styles, which are designed and decorated with special-shaped flower structures, which will make it more beautiful.

In addition to the shape and color of stainless steel decorative profiles, gold profiles are usually used. Golden stainless steel profiles have become the most mainstream design material, with a wide range of surfaces and easy integration with space. Rose gold profiles are also very beautiful, but the style is special. Compared to black profiles, they are used less, and are generally suitable for simple styles and low-key luxury styles in black and white.
For interior decoration, stainless steel T profiles are already mainstream stylized element materials, usually used as a background and setting for the interior style. The style determines the nature of the material surface, the mirror surface is a representative of high-gloss luxury, and the brushed matte surface represents art sublimation and fashionable personality. They all have different popular styles of design, the key depends on the designer's grasp of the style and the rational application of elements.

In ordinary applications in recent years, stainless steel decorative profiles have moved from simple lines to personalized profiled styles, from fashionable modern to more luxurious European classics. Space decoration is inseparable from the color stainless steel material, no matter where you go, you will see the wonderful beauty of stainless steel decoration. For more creative stainless steel works, please continue to pay attention to the latest developments.


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