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Stainless steel decorative T-profile and U-profile are cheaper?

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 For these two different types of stainless steel decorative profiles, compared with the materials used, the cost is different; from the perspective of the structure of the profile, the difficulty of production is different, and the price is also different.
Generally speaking, stainless steel decorative T-profile basically use fewer specifications. Although there are not many materials, the difficulty will be higher and the price will be more expensive. For example, T6 and T10. From the perspective of the production difficulty factor, T6 will be more difficult. And very few manufacturers can do it. It has very high requirements on the production equipment and molds and worker technology, so many factories can't do it, let alone do it not beautiful. The relative difficulty of T10 is much easier, most manufacturers can do it, but who is more refined. This is the price difference brought about by the difficulty, production is not just a matter of materials. For T12, there are more materials and the price is relatively expensive. But the production difficulty factor is not high, so the price is not much higher.

For stainless steel and U-shaped profiles, it is just a matter of appearance, and the workmanship is not difficult. This is also related to skilled workers. Some manufacturers will be more refined, the size will be more standard, the price difference is not big, but the problem of materials is used to increase the price. U profiles are generally U8, U10, U12, but also have larger specifications, U25, U70, U100, flexible size, custom specifications according to design and application requirements. Therefore, it is different from the use of T-shaped profiles. T-shaped profiles are mainly small in size and highlight the sense of lines. The U-shaped profile is highlighted by the side decoration of the edging, highlighting the bright surface and the edge line.

Therefore, compared with the price of stainless steel decorative T-profiles and stainless steel decorative U-profiles, if the specifications are the same, the price of T-profiles is slightly higher by 30%-50%. If the materials used are different, the price difference will be greater, depending on the specifications and the amount of materials used to determine the price difference.


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