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How to measure the stainless steel glass door of the hotel?

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 Regarding the design and installation of stainless steel glass doors, we must first clarify the principle of stainless steel glass doors, or there will be many problems. Especially measuring the size on site is a critical step.
So how should the stainless steel glass door be measured to be accurate? Share some measurement experience below, hope to help everyone.

First put on the picture, and draw a sketch on the picture. I believe everyone can understand it. If you don’t understand it, look at the text to explain:
Before designing the stainless steel glass door, we must go to the site to measure the size, but because most designers are not on site, many times we entrust the owner and the construction party to measure. In order to measure correctly and reduce the measurement error, now we explain the picture Measurement methods. The left side of the figure is to measure the width of the doorway, measure three times from the top, middle and bottom, and then take the minimum value of three times; the right is to measure the height of the doorway, respectively from the left, middle and right three times, also take the minimum value of three times. Why should we choose the minimum value? When we design the glass door, we must ensure that the door is installed without problems. The minimum value is the maximum value of the door. When producing the door, we need to shrink it by 5mm. It can be guaranteed to be put in the doorway. If we only measure it once, we cannot guarantee that the measured value is the smallest. If the measured value is large, then the door may not be put into the doorway. Therefore, in order to ensure that it can be put into the doorway, Repeated experience tells us that the measurement cannot be sloppy, and the error code will not appear when measuring according to the method above.

No matter how high or wide the door opening is, the designer will reduce the size of the door opening to complete the design of the entire door. The measurement has nothing to do with the design plan, but how to measure the size of the door opening is wrong, the entire door may be Unable to install, the door hole needs to be modified, or someone needs to modify the glass door again. If you modify the glass door, you will lose a lot, or the entire door will be useless. Because the glass has been tempered, the dimensions cannot be modified.
Therefore, the measurement and design of stainless steel glass doors are crucial, and its mistakes will cause serious losses. When you are measuring, try to measure as many times as possible to ensure that the measured data is correct.


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