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How many types of stainless steel glass doors are there and what factors do designers need to pay at

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 In fact, the stainless steel glass door is the same as the aluminum alloy glass door, except that the details are made and installed differently. The external viewing structure is similar, but the texture of the surface material is relatively different. The stainless steel has a mirror and brushed texture, and the grade is higher.
The stainless steel glass door structure is also composed of a door frame and glass, which are generally tempered glass. Glass generally has several common specifications: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm. Other specifications need to be customized. The frame of stainless steel glass door is made of colored stainless steel sheet. It is usually processed into a concave shape, and the recessed width is designed according to the thickness of the glass. Then insert the glass into the groove and fix it with glass glue on both sides.
The appearance structure of the stainless steel glass door can be designed according to the size of the door opening. Here we will share several common appearance structure combinations to help you master the design skills and save time more easily in the design.

Stainless steel glass doors have swing doors, sliding doors, intelligent induction doors, and hotel revolving doors from the appearance and shape. The most commonly used hotels are these kinds of doors. High-end hotels will use induction doors and revolving doors to highlight the grade of the hotel. And enhance customer experience. Therefore, we usually go to the star-rated hotel. There are round revolving glass doors in the middle of the door, and the sides are equipped with swing doors to assist. In order to simulate the failure of the revolving door, the swing doors are used as access. Therefore, the square door is the most convenient and most suitable way to open the stainless steel glass door.
Stainless steel glass doors are widely used in hotels, and the surface colors are also different. Some prefer to use mirror gold, some are bronze, some are rose gold, and some are low-key mirror black. These colors are generally designed according to the style of the hotel.

Well, the structure and application of stainless steel glass doors are shared here. For more stainless steel doors, please check the other stainless steel products of this site, which will bring you more surprises.


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