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How to process and cut stainless steel U-shaped profiles without black edges?

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During the decoration process, many customers asked, when cutting stainless steel U-profiles, what tools will not be used to cut black edges, this phenomenon has caused confusion to many construction engineers and bosses. Today we share the most advanced construction experience in China, I believe we can help you solve this problem.
Stainless steel profile cutting is not an ordinary thing. In the past, everyone used a grinder to cut, because in the past everyone was cutting colorless stainless steel profiles. At present, there are colored stainless steel decorative profiles, which are really beautiful, but after cutting It's not pretty anymore, what should I do? Other good products must be equipped with tools to meet the real needs. I believe you understand this truth. That is to say, the color stainless steel decorative profile belongs to the most high-grade stainless steel profile, so it can not be cut with the original tools and methods, and it must be equipped with professional tools to serve it.
The following introduces a special cutting machine for cutting stainless steel profiles without blackening. Its function is to cut straight lines, cut any slope, and freely adjust various angles. This tool is also developed for colored stainless steel profiles. It has a water-cooled automatic cooling function to help you not get hot or black when cutting, and the same effect as the original after cutting. At present, there is only one on the market, and it is also developed by CBSA International commissioned machinery. Welcome to try it out. Attach the product picture here. You can also view the video clips by following this site. This device is guaranteed to let you solve the past troubles and help you. Improve work efficiency.

Color stainless steel decorative U-shaped profiles are often used by construction personnel, especially for high-end indoor space operations, and need a perfect set of simple processing equipment to meet the quality and grade of interior decoration. And aesthetic progress, improve work efficiency and application design effects, CBSA International, constantly launching various new products to meet the needs of interior design, often follow us to update information, you will get more gains.


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