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How much is the price of stainless steel screen per square? how to choose?

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Stainless steel screens are becoming more and more widely used. What issues should be paid attention to when buying and selecting color stainless steel screens, and how is its price calculated? What are the quality factors that affect the stainless steel screen? This has become a concern for everyone. The following is a breakdown of the principles and pricing of the screen:

1. Advantages of stainless steel screen partition:
Traditional screens are mostly made of wood materials, with fewer styles, monotonous colors, and difficulty in cleaning and maintenance. They are mainly used for separation, display, wind protection, and shelter. Stainless steel is one of the high-strength materials in construction metal materials. Stainless steel partitions will not produce corrosion, pitting, rust or wear. Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, it can keep structural components intact. Can meet the effect of maintaining long-term durability.
The stainless steel partition screen is novel, gorgeous, and has a variety of colors. It is used for home decoration, beautiful space, waterproof and fireproof, and easy to clean.
In view of the many advantages of stainless steel screens, stainless steel screen partitions are widely used in offices, homes, hotel lobbies, shopping mall lobbies, clubs, KTV, clubs, beauty salons, sales centers, exhibition halls, restaurants, etc.
2. How to price stainless steel screen? How much does it cost?
The price of stainless steel screen partitions is 700, more than 1,000, and some even thousands. Why is the price difference so much? What is the price of stainless steel screen? Let us briefly talk about the manufacturing process of stainless steel screens:
There are various custom-made stainless steel screen processes, and the prices of different processes vary greatly. Here are some conventional production processes.
1. Welding: There are two welding processes in its welding forming process, one is called seam welding: seam welding is the effect of spot welding. The other is called seamless welding: it is the effect of full welding and grinding and polishing. Because there is no gap in the welding place, it is called seamless welding.
2. Laser hollowing: The stainless steel hollowing screen is generally made of 1mm thick stainless steel sheet through laser hollowing or carving, and the hollowed patterns have various patterns. Common types include plant patterns, auspicious cloud patterns, classical picture shapes, modern fashion shapes, and so on. This process is generally about the same price as full welding. If you need to make a thicker laser cutout screen, you need to use two stainless steel plates to laser cut out the pattern you need, and then use the laser border. This process is the most labor-intensive or material-intensive. Of course, the price is the most Dear.
3. The surface processing effects are: mirror surface (bright surface or polished) stainless steel screen and brushed surface (matte surface) stainless steel screen and sandblasted stainless steel screen.
4. The processing technology is: vacuum plating and water plating; both processes are true copper plating, the effect of water plating is better than that of vacuum plating, the metallic luster of bronze will be more obvious; but the price is 180-more expensive than vacuum plating 200 yuan, the water-plated bronze screen made by the tube will be more expensive.
5. Processing colors include: titanium gold (black titanium), sky blue, titanium gold, brown, brown, fuchsia, bronze, yellow bronze, green bronze, black rose, rose red, rose gold, titanium white, emerald green, Green, champagne gold, gray, pink, violet, etc.
The stainless steel screen is made step by step in this way, and the price difference is different according to the shape, size, material, process, surface effect, coloring process, color effect and other aspects you choose. The stainless steel screens range from simple to complex, from the whole to the parts, and are meticulously crafted, giving a meticulous impression between the square inches.

On the one hand, it retains the general style of materials and colors, allowing people to feel the traditional historical traces and rich cultural heritage, while at the same time abandoning the overly complicated texture and decoration, simplifying the lines, "form and scattered together" is a classic reality Portrayal. Screen pictures in this industry require special requests for high processing speed, no damage to the appearance of stainless steel, good accuracy, no greasy dirt on the workpiece after processing, good brightness and smoothness. CBSA International has a full line of production equipment, stainless steel screens, strict internal quality control to ensure excellent quality, how much is the price of stainless steel screens? You need to decide according to your customization requirements, the customization range is between 700-2500, specific consultation: whatsapp:008613925936221.


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