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What are the characteristics of etching stainless steel decorative sheet?

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Etched stainless steel decorative sheet is an innovative color stainless steel series product. It is mainly used in elevator decoration and wall art decoration. It has a combination of gold, rose gold, bronze, mirror surface, wire drawing, and sandblasting.

The etched stainless steel decorative sheet uses the strong oxidizing properties of ferric chloride to corrode the surface of the stainless steel, and the trivalent iron element becomes a relatively stable divalent iron element; the specific production process is: first coat the stainless steel surface with an anti-corrosion layer, and Protect the part that needs to be protected, put it on the assembly line spraying ferric chloride, wash off the anti-corrosion layer after the corrosion is completed, and form a pattern;
The decorative effect of the etched stainless steel decorative sheet, modern people's pursuit of life, the requirements for indoor wall decoration are also constantly improving, so the styles of wall decoration materials are also constantly developing, and there are more and more materials that can be used as wall decoration. , Such as paint, wallpaper, color stainless steel etching sheet and so on.

Different materials have different properties, so the decorative effects and precautions are also very different. For example, wallpaper, the biggest problem is its mildew. The occurrence of mildew is usually due to the long-term retention of excessive moisture in the air, which leads to mildew on the wallpaper. Especially the two spaces in the living room, the kitchen and bathroom, are the easiest to make the wallpaper mildew. At this time, you might as well use the colorful stainless steel pattern etching board instead of the wallpaper to decorate the wall, which can be made into a variety of patterns and colors. It is difficult to change its characteristics by other factors. The only drawback is that it is more expensive than wallpaper, but in the long run, it is still worth the money.


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