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Color stainless steel bronze sheet supplier-CBSA International, located in Foshan, Guangdong, is mainly engaged in stainless steel design, processing, manufacturing and trading. With multiple automatic electroplating production lines, specializing in the production of various specifications and models of stainless steel plates. It mainly produces colored stainless steel plates, green bronzes, red bronzes, yellow bronzes, etched patterns, embossed boards. Mirror, wire drawing, sandblasting and other products. The main materials are: 201, 304, 316, 430. The thickness is 0.3~3.0mm, the surface has 8K, frosted, snowflake sand, wire drawing, no fingerprint, sandblasting, and pattern, color stainless steel (various colors), etching pattern plate (various patterns), laser processing, embossed coil (Pearl, diamond, ** pattern, ice bamboo pattern, stone pattern, antique square grid pattern) etc.

Product name: stainless steel copper plated
   Product material: (201, 304, etc.)
   Product specifications:
  Normal thickness: 0.3mm-1.2mm Normal size: 1219x2438mm, 1219x3048mm, 1500x3500mm (customizable according to customer needs)
Household goods, hardware, electronics, aviation, construction, building materials, chemistry, food, industry, architectural decoration, luxury doors, elevator decoration, metal box shells, mechanical equipment shells, shipbuilding, train interiors, etc., as well as outdoor engineering, advertising Nameplates, cabinet ceilings, walkway panels, screens, tunnel projects, hotels, interior and exterior walls of lobbies, kitchen equipment, etc.

   Product performance:
  The surface is bright and smooth, with luster, plus and minus tolerance 1C; no magnetism or micro magnetism; strong corrosion resistance and rust resistance!
  Feature description:
   Beautiful surface and diversified use possibilities
  Good corrosion resistance, longer durability than ordinary steel
  Good corrosion resistance
   high strength, so the possibility of using thin plates
   high temperature oxidation resistance and high strength, so it can resist fire normal temperature processing, that is easy to plastic processing. Because surface treatment is not required, it is simple, easy to maintain and clean, with high smoothness and good welding performance.


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