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How to make color stainless steel glass door frame?

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Colored stainless steel glass doors, also called stainless steel doors, hotel glass doors, and shop glass doors, have become more and more popular with the public. Its surface texture and stylish appearance can help shopkeepers attract a large number of customers.
The color stainless steel glass door structure is composed of three parts, stainless steel frame, tempered glass, assembly components and so on. I believe everyone knows better about tempered glass. Generally, the thickness of double 6mm, single piece of 8mm, 12mm is safer. If it is a larger and extra-large door, the thickness can be increased to 19mm. The stainless steel frame is cut and bent from colored stainless steel sheets. According to different door structures, different schemes can be made. The stainless steel cladding frame is generally formed by folding and deforming a thin plate with a thickness of 1.0mm or more. The steel structure keel support is needed inside to ensure the safety and stability of the entire glass door. Some unscrupulous merchants will save costs and do not use keels, so you must understand the structure when purchasing , The first is to ensure safety, and then consider aesthetics.

The commonly used colors of colored stainless steel glass doors are gold, rose gold, black and silver. The surface is generally made of two kinds of craft plates, mirror and brushed. There are also special custom crafts. With the improvement of the aesthetics and individual requirements of glass doors, some customers will choose special colors, such as bronze, antique copper, and copper plates with etched patterns on the surface. The grade and appearance are quite beautiful and textured. This will also attract customers to observe.

How to make the frame of the colored stainless steel glass door, the general conventional structure is with a keel inside and a colored stainless steel sheet outside, which will appear safe and high-grade. It is mainly used in the doors of commercial stores, glass doors in commercial buildings, office buildings, hotel doors, revolving doors, and has a wide range of uses and is very convenient to maintain.
The introduction of stainless steel glass doors is here. To learn more about the structure and production design of glass doors, please check the relevant information on this site.


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