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Color stainless steel plate production process

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Color stainless steel plate production process Color stainless steel plate is the process and artistic processing outside the line of stainless steel plate, so that the blank becomes various colorful stainless steel decorative plates, and the color is light gold and black. , Brown, bronze,


gray, purple, light green, gold, sapphire blue, black gun color, brown, young color, zirconium gold, bronze, rose , Nose spray color, professional construction color stainless steel plate, stainless steel elevator decorative steel

pipe, sanitary decorative plate, stainless steel plate, stainless steel plate, BA plate, stainless steel 8K mirror Plate, color stainless steel titanium plate, color stainless steel anti-skid plate, color stainless steel brushed steel

color stainless steel snow sand board, color stainless steel sandblasting board, color Stainless steel etching plate, Color Stainless steel embossed plate, color stainless steel embossing board, vacuum coating board... The color is very bright

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Yongrong shows expensive quality, and at the same time has strong corrosion resistance, high mechanical performance, durable color layer, and color will attack with the difference of light angle Features such as discoloration, and the color layer can withstand 200℃

At high temperature, the corrosion effect of salt spray is better than ordinary stainless steel, and the wear resistance and scratch resistance are equivalent For the role of gold-plated foil. When bent at 90℃, the color layer is not damaged, and can be used for hall wall panels, ceilings, electricity, etc.

stairs, backbone, architectural decoration, signboards, etc. . The wall is decorated with colored stainless steel plates, which is not only elegant to use, beautiful and novel, but also has a strong sense of the times.


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