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Caigang Pioneer

CBSA International in the production and processing,design and application,construction and installation services of color stainless boards,and provides one-stop global procurement application solutions.


  • CBSA International
    Attentive service and win respect

    CBSA International is a professional colored stainless steel cross-border service company integrating design, production, processing, application and installation. Provide global customers with product customization, solution design, processing services, technical support, application installation services, and solve various procurement needs and difficulties of customers.

  • Dare to innovate and serve the world

    CBSA International, with a high-end positioning thinking, establishes a corporate image, exports high-quality products and provides professional supporting services, and uses a global perspective to connect customers from all over the world through the era of network big data to provide high-standard products and services。

    CBSA International
  • CBSA International
    Keep making progress to create diversified color steel products

    According to the different needs of markets around the world, hundreds of categories of products are customized, and through the network big data platform, the products are classified and pushed to the needs of customers in various countries to achieve product-to-customer counterparts, product styles and national cultures Finally, we will realize a win-win cooperation opportunity.

  • Build mutual trust and achieve win-win situation

    The bottom line of cooperation is trust. At the beginning of the establishment of Xibo International, based on the principle of good faith, it made good products and provided diversified products and services to win the trust of customers.

    CBSA International

CBSA International, with its high-end positioning, establishes its corporate image, strives to export high-quality products, and uses a global perspective to connect customers around the world and provide high-standard services.