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Application trend of colored stainless steel

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With the improvement of people's living standards, colored stainless steel has gradually come into people's lives. Its product features are as follows: First, it is rich in color, including purple, golden, black, rose gold, sapphire blue, champagne gold and so on. The second is a variety of patterns. There are mainly geometric line series, flower series, wood grain series, stone grain series. The third is long service life. In the environment with high humidity and salt spray concentration, colored stainless steel has the incomparable advantages of this traditional material. The corrosion resistance is good. After the surface is treated with nano coating, the wear resistance is significantly improved.

  The reason why colored stainless steel is widely accepted by businesses and users is because it has the above characteristics. cbsa international colored stainless steel is mainly used in the following occasions: First, architectural decoration. Such as skirtings, background walls, large curtain walls, pillar edging, etc., are usually represented by patterns and colors, which represent etching products. The second is elevator decoration. There are mainly decoration of hall doors and cars, and the processes applied are etching, mirror surface, titanium plating, sandblasting, etc. Xibo International R & D team formed elevator decorative panels through these combined processes. The third is kitchen and bathroom decoration. Such as bathroom cabinets, cabinets and cabinet doors, the representative products are black titanium flower plate, colored stainless steel, wire drawing board and so on.

The application of cbsa International colored stainless steel is far more than these occasions. For example, many machine housings and subway platforms are also widely used. With the development of new products, as well as the emphasis on practicality and user experience, such products will accelerate market expansion and accelerate the beautification of China's urban and rural living environment.


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