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Design and installation of stainless steel cabinets

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In family life, more and more people begin to pay attention to the choice of stainless steel cabinets. A good stainless steel overall cabinet can make your life tasteful, so that you can enjoy the convenience brought by the stainless steel overall cabinet while cooking.

So, what is the design and installation process of stainless steel cabinets in the kitchen decoration?

The installation time of stainless steel cabinets is best after the hydropower renovation, kitchen tiles, and wall painting are completed. And before that, you need to do two measurements before you can do the installation.

The first measurement was before the hydropower transformation. The purpose was to design the specific function and location of the stainless steel cabinet. By communicating with the designer, the preliminary design of the kitchen, such as the placement of kitchen appliances, the type and position of the range hood, the location of the sink, etc., is convenient to reserve sockets and water pipes in the future.

The second measurement is to check the specific dimensions of the stainless steel overall cabinet when the tile is finished. At this time, you should tell the stainless steel production company where you plan to place what electrical appliances, and communicate well with the designer, so that the designer can give you the final drawing of the cabinet design.

After the introduction of the above content, everyone should have an in-depth understanding of the design and installation process of stainless steel cabinets. Only by completing the above two steps can we better ensure the rationality of the overall stainless steel cabinet design.


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