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Stainless steel cabinet pricing method

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Custom stainless steel cabinet pricing method Yan meter pricing method: cabinet pricing method, overall pricing method.
The so-called Yanmi is 1 meter of a certain width. If the kitchen has to order 3 meters of stainless steel cabinets, multiply the unit price by 3 meters. If the price is 2,000 yuan / meter, the price of the entire 3 meter stainless steel cabinet is 6,000 yuan.

Taking the cabinet body, cabinet door, and hardware as a whole, each style can be considered as a fixed price, and the countertop is extra. Cabinet pricing method is the so-called individual cabinet. This algorithm uses the price of three sets of base cabinets + the price of two sets of cabinets.

Refers to the price of a complete set of stainless steel cabinets. This method is simple and saves a lot of extra time when making a purchase. However, this method also has many restrictions. First, this calculation method limits the size of stainless steel cabinets. Second, because the price of materials is different, it is also limited.

The overall price of stainless steel cabinets is not low. At present, there are several methods of pricing on the market including the extended rice method, the cabinet method, and the overall pricing method. Regardless of the valuation method chosen, the owner must carefully check to ensure that there is no fuss such as repeated pricing.



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