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Stainless steel cabinet custom general process

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Knowing some basic knowledge of stainless steel cabinets, Ou Jingle continues to take everyone to see the general process of custom stainless steel cabinets. For example, when will you start to customize stainless steel cabinets, how many times you need to measure, and so on.
Stainless steel cabinet custom general process

1.Sign the stainless steel cabinet order form

After selecting the stainless steel cabinet manufacturer, you can sign an order and pay a certain deposit in advance. Pay attention to keep the deposit slip properly, and return it to the stainless steel cabinet contract after the contract is signed.

2.The first on-site measurement

After signing the order, you can ask the stainless steel cabinet designer to come to the door for the first measurement. The initial measurement should be before the hydropower transformation. The plumber and foreman should be present at the scene. Combined with the kitchen's hydropower layout, a comprehensive consideration should be made as to whether the hydropower pipeline needs to be modified. And inform the designer of the kitchen appliances they need and where they plan to place them. After this measurement, the designer designed the prototype of the overall stainless steel cabinet according to the kitchen space and the kitchen's water and electricity transformation drawings. Hydropower construction workers work according to the drawings.

3.The second on-site measurement

The time of the second measurement is generally after the hydropower reconstruction and the wall and floor tile construction are completed. In this measurement, the data must be accurate, and the position and size of the kitchen appliance must be determined. The designer needs to produce the final accurate design drawing of the customized stainless steel cabinet based on the measurement results.

4, check the stainless steel cabinet design drawings

After the second measurement, the design drawing can usually be seen within three days. When receiving the drawing, in addition to the effect drawing, you need to carefully look at the CAD drawing. The dimensions marked above must be checked clearly.

5. Sign the contract and pay the first payment

After the design plan is determined, it is necessary to make an appointment with the designer in advance to sign a detailed supply contract and pay in advance. The contract has various provisions on the total price of the product, payment methods, delivery and installation, acceptance, after-sales, etc. In addition, the contract will also be accompanied by two documents, "Checklist" and "Design Drawings". Cooperating with colleagues is important, and you need to carefully confirm each clause when signing.

6, delivery installation

The delivery and installation of stainless steel cabinets are generally free of charge. The factory staff will make an appointment with the customer for delivery and installation according to the time agreed in the contract before delivery.

7. Acceptance inspection

After the installation of the stainless steel cabinet staff is completed, the owner conducts a comprehensive inspection of the whole set of stainless steel cabinets and pays the balance after acceptance.


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