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How to use china colored stainless steel? Where is it used?

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Stainless steel products are currently widely used around the world, especially in star hotel spaces and commercial spaces, the application effect is particularly gorgeous.

As for how to apply the colored stainless steel that everyone cares about, in fact, it depends on the level and ability of the designer, and then how much they understand the colored stainless steel and how much the application effect depends on, which will be related to the designer's imagination and creativity.
To put it simply, colored stainless steel is used for interior decoration, mainly in private rooms, walkways, stairs, elevators, banquet halls, doors and windows in the hotel lobby; commercial space is very large, including elevator decoration, public walkways, hollow sculptures, Security fences, shop heads, exhibition halls, etc .; in addition, there are bar space, KTV space, office space, commercial building lobby, too much to say.

Therefore, the application of colored stainless steel is too extensive. For more information on the application of colored stainless steel, please continue to pay attention or collect this site.


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