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What is the Chinese color stainless steel screen

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The wide application of color stainless steel screens / partitions is related to the designer's bold creation. So how is the design and production of stainless steel screens, now take you to analyze as follows:

First of all, the source of the screen is a design master in Hong Kong, China. At that time, he was creating a large hotel with a large space. Considering partition walls between them, there is a sense of depression and the space becomes smaller. So, this A master considered using a wooden screen with very good transparency. Because the wooden screen is relatively Chinese, it was later changed to a metal material, which is the stainless screen of our catalog.
Secondly, the design and creation of the screen. After years of development, the creation of the screen has become diversified, and various design schemes have been presented to the designer. So the current screen styles are very diverse.
Third, with the rise of colored stainless steel, the application has changed in the screen, and the procedure has become simplified and interesting. Designers have begun to create assembled screens to solve the problem of hotel installation.
Therefore, the color stainless steel screen is becoming more and more popular, and the design creation is constantly updated. The core technology lies in creation and technical update.
Everyone is welcome to pay attention to the latest information of color stainless steel screens / partitions, and this site is constantly updated and created more new styles.


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