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Assembled color stainless steel screen

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Assembled color stainless steel screen / partition products are mainly to highlight the structural design of the product, and rationally design according to the space application to achieve the effect of assembly.

In the past, stainless steel screens only used conventional production processes such as welding production and plating according to space requirements, and were not subject to too many processing restrictions. For assembled stainless steel screens, the first is that the structural design is different from ordinary screens. Compared with the screens that require high design, they can only be assembled on site and then welded. If the hotel is already in operation, it will not be able to meet the welding project. Multiple designs are used to solve the assembly method. No welding is needed to achieve a safe assembly effect.
In addition, it is to solve the processing technology problems. Not all screens can be processed into assembly effects. It is necessary to consider the processing technology process and the technical level of technicians, so everyone must have an understanding of assembled screens, and then design and process with the factory Technicians can communicate with each other to form a complete solution before processing, because everything is done for safety first, and the perfect display effect under the premise of high quality.
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