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Which city is China's colored stainless steel mainly concentrated in?

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The answer is, of course, Foshan, Guangdong. Foshan is a famous national stainless steel industry center, and colored stainless steel is the birthplace of Foshan. The cluster is the most complete industrial chain city.
Many people will ask that Wuxi is also a place of origin. I can say that Wuxi is a gathering place for China's stainless steel raw materials, just raw materials. Later, the processing industry was developed, but the supporting facilities could not be developed.

When it comes to cities, quality has to be mentioned. The reason why Foshan is an important city in the country is also a city with advanced quality. It requires higher quality, more complete facilities, and fierce competition.
Due to the rapid development of colored stainless steel and the very high requirements on the process, it has formed a strong professional processing, and the process of colored stainless steel is also complicated, which requires multiple professional factories to complete the processing. If one can complete it, the quality is not so good, and the professionalism is not enough. There are many management links, which are also relevant to workers' income levels.
There are many color stainless steel factories, but there are only a few that do well, mainly in color, and the reason why they are done well is related to enterprise management, brand orientation, and development goals.
Well, if you understand and purchase high-quality colored stainless steel, please pay attention to continuous attention.


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