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How to install stainless steel decorative U-shaped profile?

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For the indoor installation and construction personnel, the general stainless steel decorative profiles are relatively easy to install, and the installation method is different, the specific is the technology and method paid by each teacher.
Among the teachers in China, the south and the north have different installation methods, especially the same stainless steel decorative profile products, and there are multiple construction methods. Now it will take you to decompose how to install it will be more reliable, safer, durable and beautiful. .
In the Chinese decoration industry, there are various leading installers. Their experience comes from repeated installation and summary, and the best installation method is obtained, as follows:

For example, ceiling installation, when doing the carpentry stage, do a good job of positioning the stainless steel profiles, and then start to install the profiles when the white ash is scratched, but do not tear off the protective film, wait for the white wall to scratch several ICI, then tear off the protective film And do a good job of cleaning. During installation, such as stainless steel U-profile installation, apply glass glue and hot-melt adhesive to the U-shaped groove, and then directly clip on the pre-customized wooden wire groove, and then simply fix it with double-sided tape for a moment. It is stable because it has been added with hot-melt adhesive during installation, which can quickly solidify.

Because there are many types of stainless steel decorative profiles, there are stainless steel T profiles, stainless steel U profiles, stainless steel L profiles, stainless steel C profiles, and stainless steel profiles, which are customized profiles of various specifications and shapes. , The application effect is also different.
If you want to know more about the installation and application of various stainless steel decorative profiles, please continue to pay attention to the updated information.


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