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Hotels use assembled stainless steel screen partitions?

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Most designers of hotel decoration like to design assembled stainless steel screens partitions in the hotel lobby, which are used for functional partitions and decoration of the lobby. On the one hand, they attract more customers, and on the other hand, they provide customers with more comfortable leisure spaces.
So why do we need assembly design? In fact, it is a requirement put forward by many overseas buyers. As a manufacturer of assembled stainless steel screens partitions, we can help customers solve this demand.

The assembly design of stainless steel screen partitions is of course more expensive and the design requirements are higher, but for overseas customers, the overall cost is reduced, because the on-site assembly of stainless steel screens can simplify the complex structure during design and production, and convert the original large screens. It can be disassembled and assembled into multiple pieces, which not only greatly saves the cost of logistics and transportation, but also solves the decoration needs of the hotel in operation.
In a very normal hotel, in order to upgrade and decorate the lobby, stainless steel screen partitions are added, but it cannot be welded on site, which affects normal business and lobby safety. The assembled screen partition just solves this problem. Safe and reliable, does not affect normal business.
Therefore, this demand put forward by the purchaser is also to help the hotel's development needs and provide help. As a manufacturer of stainless steel screen partitions, it promotes assembly design services, and also improves the quality of screens and safe construction schemes to make production more smoothly, so that the purchaser can save more comprehensive costs and improve work efficiency.
For more assembled stainless steel screens, please consult or continue to pay attention to updated information, we will provide you with professional solutions and suggestions at any time.


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