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Prices of colored stainless steel decorative sheets during COVID-19

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-05-30 11:33:03
For colored stainless steel decorative sheets, the development will not change due to COVID-19, the price is relatively stable, and may be impacted in the short term.
Because of the impact of COVID-19, the world is in a state of shutdown and isolation, and the use of colored stainless steel sheets will also be delayed, which is a direct reason.
The construction of various construction sites has stopped, and logistics transportation has also stopped halfway. However, some countries and regions that are not serious are still working normally. So they still need colored stainless steel sheetsMaterial application.

Then, due to the recent changes in the price of color stainless steel decorative sheets during COVID-19, of course there are, and the changes will not be too great, because China COVID-19 has ended and all work has been resumed to meet the market supply and demand. The global color stainless steel sheet production base is mainly in Foshan, China, so the material and price are relatively stable, and the demand in the Southeast Asian market is also increasing
Plus, the regions where COVID-19 is relatively strict are in Europe and the United States, where there is relatively little demand.
In short, everyone needs to understand the price of colored stainless steel decorative sheets. You can open the Chinese stainless steel network to check. This is the price of raw materials. There is generally no specific price list for colored plates. It will Changes due to changes in raw materials.


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