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The hotel's stainless steel decorative sheet project made him win 50 million at a time. How did

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 The hotel's stainless steel decorative sheet project has a profit of 50 million, but it is actually not difficult. The key is to find the method and ideas of profit and see how he did it.
According to in-depth communication with this buyer, he finally broke out the profit space of this project. Before you read this article, it must be difficult to guess that this can be done.
He is a businessman and my partner. The materials of the stainless steel decorative sheet are purchased from my side. This must be true. The following is a brief description of how he did it.
He shared this operation mode with me. He is only responsible for purchasing, but he is very familiar with the whole project, so it is very easy to operate. He has several links that are very critical, including procurement, design, construction docking, developer docking, and the ability to have product knowledge and application level. He mainly focuses on docking and assigns specific tasks to each link. He got the first-hand information from the developer, and then implemented each of the following steps in steps.

On a few key points, he conducted a systematic analysis of the project of colored stainless steel decoration and distributed it to various departments, that is, the planner, the constructor, the designer, the purchaser, and used the knowledge of the stainless steel decorative board products. The implementation of the application thinking program was fully implemented, and the entire hotel stainless steel decoration project with one person operation and multiple parts was completed.
The contents of the hotel's stainless steel decorative sheet project are decomposed. The hotel lobby uses a color board, the space is separated by a stainless steel screen as a partition function partition, the walkway to the elevator space is decorated with stainless steel, and the elevator room uses an innovative stainless steel design board The wall and ceiling of the banquet hall are made of stainless steel decorative profiles to set off and beautify. The hotel restaurant uses a large number of stainless steel partitions and stainless steel decorative plates. Other public spaces on each floor also use stainless steel decorative plates with different designs.

This hotel decoration plan was mainly completed by him and the design company. This is the most critical step. This has become one of his profitable and profitable links, followed by the key point of the connection of each part. The construction is convenient and adopts The operation was completed by a professional technical team appointed by our company. Note; our construction design team has many years of professional design and construction technology, undertakes thousands of different projects of different sizes, and has rich experience. They can complete the decomposition of the entire project drawings. And technology control, the design effect is completed in practice.
The procurement process is also a very important one, because there are many manufacturers of stainless steel products, and you must have an understanding of stainless steel to do better. The reason for choosing our products lies in the reliability and trust in our scale and production capacity. Our marketing team can help him to complete all the procurement projects of stainless steel decorative plate project, so that he has more time to control other projects.

Let me tell you here, about the operation plan of the engineering project, you only need to put the project next, our team can help you complete the tasks of each link, if your ability is insufficient. The biggest highlight of this project is the purchaser's complete mastery of the entire set of engineering projects and the unique operational ability of the design scheme.
Summarize which products are used in the procurement plan: colored stainless steel decorative sheets, stainless steel profiles, stainless steel screens, stainless steel elevator decorative plates, stainless steel railings, stainless steel hotel glass doors, etc.
Well, about the hotel stainless steel decorative sheet project, let him win a profit of 50 million methods have been shared with everyone, everyone has any inspiration to communicate, plus whatsapp consultation 0086-13925936221 related operation methods.


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