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How to design stainless steel decorative screen partition in the room?

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Regarding interior design, how to design stainless steel decorative screens to add artistic variety and decorative effects to the space is a test of the designer's skill and aesthetic art.
In China, stainless steel decorative screens have entered thousands of households, and the new residential area will basically have screens, because the screen decoration is generally placed at the door, on the one hand, it blocks the direct shot from the outside, and on the other hand, Fengshui is more important. Balance, the so-called feng shui, is a hedge, and the screen acts as a buffer to make the home safer, quieter, and more comfortable.
So, how do designers generally design, and what kind of stainless steel screens are used for decoration? This is very important. The other primary consideration is the overall style of the home. If the home decoration design is Chinese, it should be matched with Chinese-style screens. How modern is it? For simplicity, choose a stainless steel screen with a similar style to make the overall space harmonious and unified.

For the office, how to design it? The general consideration of the office is feng shui, followed by the decorative effect. The reason why feng shui is considered is that the business transactions are stable and profitable. Business offices are generally door-to-door or corridor-oriented, with many people coming and going. The design of the screen is also to improve the internal space and environment. It is partitioned from the door. The reception desk is usually designed. The screen behind the desk is separated from the interior. To the effect of occlusion.
As for the restaurant or bar, it is mainly decorated, taking into account Feng Shui. If the screen is installed at the entrance of the door, it is generally based on Feng Shui. If it is installed indoors for functional differentiation, it is decoration.
Therefore, the design of indoor stainless steel decorative screens is very sophisticated. In China, installing a screen needs to consider many factors. In foreign countries, it may only be the role of decoration. There is no such thing as Feng Shui. Alright, to know more about the customization and design of stainless steel screens, please pay attention to the relevant news channels on this site.


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