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During covid-19, how to deal with the work of stainless steel decorative sheet?

Back to list source: Release date: 2020-06-15 15:49:22
For the existence of COVID-19, we can only find a way to do a good job of protection, but also need to work for survival. The work of stainless steel decorative sheet still has to continue, this is the content of our work.
So, how to complete the stainless steel decoration work, to share with you a few experiences.
For countries with serious COVID-19, if the government is still closed, they can only work at home and complete some preparations through the Internet. For example, project communication, negotiation, product application design and sampling of stainless steel decorative sheets can be completed online. After waiting for the end of COVID-19, we go out to work and we can implement it on the construction site.

For countries where COVID-19 is not serious, work has begun, but the overseas market is still not open. We still use Internet tools to achieve the work we need to do, such as online exhibitions, online customer search, first communicate product requirements or send samples We should learn to change the traditional model and use network technology to efficiently solve the problem of remote stainless steel decorative sheet work.
In the extraordinary period of COVID-19, it is more necessary to use the tools of the Internet to reduce the flow of personnel and better protect awareness. Looking for high-quality suppliers, and also through the official website of professional suppliers to understand products and the latest dynamic information to help us solve the judgment of purchasing products and reduce procurement risks. To learn more about the work of stainless steel products in COVID-19 special period, please pay attention to CBSA International and keep you updated with the latest information.


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