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How to use stainless steel decorative screen?

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 In recent years, the application of stainless steel decorative screens has been spread all over the world, because its functions and decorative effects are indeed attractive.
As for how to apply the stainless steel decorative screen, this is also a topic of concern to everyone. The previous article has also been introduced, today I will share some application design solutions for you.

A stainless steel decorative screen is also called a stainless steel partition wall, because it is equivalent to a wall, but a transparent wall. In some ways, it is also a decorative wall. The advantage of this kind of wall is that it is transparent and visible, but relatively isolated. , To achieve the effect of regional separation.
For stainless steel decorative screens, the range of applications is very wide, such as home space, office, restaurant, star hotel, commercial space, office building, etc., there is no space that can not be used. For the home space, it is generally used at the entrance of the gate as a porch display. It is also useful for the partition wall between the open kitchen and dining room at home, and the dining room and living room. In the hotel, the application is even wider. In the lobby of the hotel, we see the background wall of the lobby, the tea bar in the lobby space, the leisure area, the reception area, etc., which are very beautiful, as well as the banquet hall in the hotel. , Entertainment halls, western restaurants, etc., can be seen everywhere.
The commercial space is even more unrestricted. It mainly displays, highlights style and grade, and is usually combined with product display, such as the background wall of the product, the partition wall of the space area, the window display, etc. Public space, leisure space display, stainless steel decorative screen can not be used in many places.
Therefore, stainless steel screens are mainly used in indoor spaces and relatively few outdoors. If you want to know more related decoration schemes, please check the product column of this site, you will find more design inspiration.


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