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How to use colored stainless steel decorative profiles for home decoration?

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 For colored stainless steel decorative profiles, this product has entered thousands of households, especially the young people's favorite, so how to use colored stainless steel decorative profiles for new house decoration? Here are some suggestions for designers:
In recent years, colored stainless steel has become a hot spot to enter the home living space, and the decoration has become one of the highlights of stainless steel. In the eyes of the designer, some creative elements have been added to make the work more modern and stylish. And loved by young families. Nowadays, most of the young people in home decoration tend to be simple and modern styles, which are used to decorate stainless steel profiles to better highlight this style.
In the home decoration design, the general decorative profiles are designed to the ceiling line of the ceiling, which outlines the beauty of the lines of the ceiling and the modern fashion. It is usually gold, rose gold, and black. Walk around the edge of the ceiling to highlight the layering of the ceiling. Beautiful lines, this is the most commonly used ceiling decoration effect in China. In Europe and the United States, they usually use curved + straight lines to form ceiling decoration, which is fundamentally related to culture. European-style stainless steel decorative profiles are certainly beautiful, but the price is much more expensive than the straight line, and its cost is about 5-8 times that of the straight line. It depends on the graphics pricing.

Color stainless steel decorative profiles, in addition to ceilings, are also used on walls and floors. Walls are generally used for TV background walls, restaurant decorative walls, bedside background walls, and some special display walls and columns. The ground is used for ceramic tile edge line and pressure line, mainly for separation and line decoration.
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