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How to use stainless steel decorative profiles for door frames?

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 In the interior decoration, stainless steel decorative profiles are generally used for ceilings and wall decoration. With the improvement of people's economy, stainless steel profiles are also used for the edging of home doors, which looks high-end and durable. In the end, how is the doorway applied? Today I will share some adaptation cases.

It can be seen from the picture that the door openings are made of colored stainless steel sheets, which are very beautiful. The stainless steel of these door openings can be used in various colors, and can also be decorated with various shapes and specifications to make the door frame more classy. At present, mirror black, brushed black, mirror gold and rose gold, brushed gold and rose gold, and bronze brushing are commonly used in the market. These are often used in the market. As for the shape and specifications, it is not solid, and it is customized according to the designer's requirements. Some are simple style, that is, the effect of stainless steel C profile, some are arc shapes, and some are more complicated edging.

Why choose stainless steel decorative profiles for the door frame? The reason is very simple, that is, durable, followed by beautiful appearance, grade, and coordination with the interior style, highlighting the decorative style and artistic effect. These stainless steel profiles belong to non-standard production and are customized products, customized according to the required specifications and shapes.
Welcome to learn more about the application of stainless steel profiles and customized solutions to enhance the aesthetic and decorative effects of the indoor space. Pay attention to more information on this site and you will find the products and design solutions you need.


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