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What is the difference between 0.5mm thick stainless steel sheet and 3.0mm thick?

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The thickness of the stainless steel plate determines the channel used. The thinner the stainless steel plate, the more often it will be processed into a special shape when used, and the thick stainless steel plate is usually used for industrial products.
The 0.5mm thick stainless steel sheet is generally used for interior decoration or product processing. Its characteristics are thin, soft, easy to process, and the price is much cheaper than the thick sheet. Generally, the thickness of stainless steel sheets is between 0.3-1.0. These sheets are mainly used for deep processing, such as processing colored plates, that is, colored stainless steel sheets, which can process gold, rose gold, titanium gold, black, green, blue, purple, etc. The surface can also be processed into mirror, brushed, snowflake sand, etc. After processing, it is widely used for interior decoration. Most of the interior decoration we usually see are such colored stainless steel sheets.
The 3.0mm board is generally used for other industrial products or outdoor construction products that require higher strength. These products are usually raw materials and do not need to be processed. Some special needs will also be processed with snowflake sand or mirror surfaces.

Therefore, the two can basically be divided according to the purpose. For the material level, everyone has 201, 304, 316, etc. The most important thing is that the post-processing is different, and the appearance looks different. The added value of colored stainless steel sheet is much higher after processing, because it is used for decoration, mainly for ornamental purposes, so the appearance surface requirements are relatively high, and the price is several times more expensive than ordinary guests.
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