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The application effect of water ripple color stainless steel embossed sheet in decorative space is a

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You may not have seen water ripple stainless steel? Water ripple mirror stainless steel is a stainless steel mirror panel that is embossed by the machine, and the surface appears like a water ripple effect, which is particularly beautiful and attractive.
In interior design, designers generally dare not use this material, and it is difficult to grasp the effect of the design. Only big-name designers can dare to boldly design. Generally, they will design on a unique wall or ceiling, as a special Let's take a look at the application effect of the picture below. You will understand the advantages and outstanding effects of water ripples, which is really amazing.

The water ripple color stainless steel embossed sheet is mainly made of 1.0mm thick colored mirror panel. Its biggest bright spot is the irregular refraction, which makes the light shine, increasing the artistic beauty and light sensitivity of the space. If color embossing is used Water corrugated stainless steel sheet, the color is more gorgeous, and it can better bring out the beauty of the space. At present, this type of stainless steel sheet is generally used in restaurants, KTV bars, banquet halls, and some special wall arts, image wall decorations, etc. It is very beautiful and three-dimensional in use, which is really a bright sight. At the same time, this embossed pattern can be customized arbitrarily, according to the design space needs to develop the artistic texture you want. For more color stainless steel embossed sheet, please pay attention to the column of embossed decorative board in the station.


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