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What is the stainless steel sheet finished by NO.8? What is SS mirror sheet?

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Mirror Stainless steel sheet, I believe everyone knows that it is an ordinary stainless steel sheet, so what does 8K mean, and what does NO.4, NO.8 mean? Today I will share with you the common terms of stainless steel sheet.
There are many process names in the production of stainless steel sheets. They represent the birth and existence of a process. 8K represents a mirror stainless steel sheet polished like a mirror effect. NO.8 represents 8K. The term stainless steel is called surface polishing effect. It is number 8 to achieve the effect of a mirror. What is NO.4? It is the same reason as NO.4, except that the polishing effect is No.4, that is, the surface is bright, and the mirror effect is not achieved. The processing technology is half of NO.8. The surface is not transparent, because the grinding times and time are different, and the requirements are different. So NO.4 is also called snowflake sand in stainless steel terms.

Through this explanation, I believe everyone understands these related industry terms. So what do they do? Where are they used and what new processes can be processed?
For 8K or NO.8, we are all classified as stainless steel mirror sheet, so that we will not misunderstand, then what is the role of mirror sheet, where is it used, and others in our lives, mirror sheet There are many appearances, and you can see them everywhere. Interior decoration, space applications, elevators, indoor walls or columns, etc., outdoor products, square sculptures are made of mirror materials. You can find their traces by paying attention.
The stainless steel mirror sheet can process color and other textures on its surface. The color is gold, rose gold, black, green, bronze, brown, etc., and the surface can also be processed with brushed texture, sandblasting and other processes. The new technology of these stainless steel sheets can be seen in the elevator space.
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