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Color stainless steel sheet price per kg in India

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For colored stainless steel sheet, it is generally not quoted in kilograms, because it is different from ordinary stainless steel sheet, the added value is completely different, and the production process and cost are also very different. But in India, few businessmen trade in kilograms, which is the business thinking of the past.
When we trade colored stainless steel sheets, we must first have a certain understanding of this stainless steel product, characteristics, and production processes. Otherwise, you cannot explain why you don’t need to trade in kilograms.
Let’s take an example. When we buy gold, we always calculate in grams. This is the correct calculation method, but if we buy gold crafts, you will not calculate in grams. Why, because crafts are not Gold content, it can not reach the value of gold, because it will be cheaper than gold. Similarly, the color stainless steel sheet is the same. The value of the stainless steel raw material itself is not high. The price is calculated according to the weight of the basic material, and its value does not change much. However, the color stainless steel sheet is different. It is reprocessed on the basis of stainless steel raw materials, and various costs need to be increased. Relative to these costs, it cannot be measured in kilograms. The main costs are labor costs and some process technology costs. Compared with stainless steel material is much more complicated. The use is also different. The color stainless steel sheet is mainly based on the visual appearance and is a high-value-added decorative material. Therefore, the color stainless steel cannot be traded by weight.

Although some merchants have done the weight to trade, it is self-deception. Why do you say this, because even if you give weight to trade, it is converted through the market's monolithic price, so the conversion will make the transaction price higher? It is even less cost-effective, the most cost-effective is to use single chip + specifications and technology for calculation. Because there are many varieties of colored stainless steel sheets, the process of each variety is different, and each process will affect the price changes. Therefore, colored stainless steel products are completely fixed products, and the price is based on quantity, time, and process complexity. Real-time pricing . I hope this information can help more people understand the pricing method of colored stainless steel sheet price per kilogram in order to complete your optimal purchase budget and transaction method.


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