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How to process stainless steel PVD coated panels and what are the processes?

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How to process stainless steel PVD coated sheet and what are the processes?
CBSA international is China's color PVD stainless steel sheet manufacturer and exporter, specializing in the production of various color stainless steel PVD process sheets, with mirror, brushed and sandblasted colors, gold, rose gold, green, black, etc.
1. How to process stainless steel PVD coated sheet
Today I want to explain to you the process of stainless steel PVD coating (also called PVD titanium plate), because many customers think that PVD titanium plate is a single color process, but it is not. In the stainless steel industry we refer to The PVD titanium plate knowledge is a general term for colored stainless steel, that is to say, here refers to an abbreviation for multiple processes and multiple colors. Some customers who know the processing technology will say that I want to purchase brushed titanium plate, rose gold titanium plate or mirror yellow titanium! These can all be called stainless steel PVD titanium plates! So below, I want to introduce to you the common processes of PVD titanium plate.

2. Mirror, brushed, sandblasted stainless steel PVD titanium sheet
Here I combine the more basic surface technology to say that the mirror surface is polished on the surface of the primary color stainless steel to achieve the same surface gloss as an 8K mirror. The drawing process can also be processed on the original color 2b board, and it can also be drawn on the basis of the mirror process! In other words, the processes we call can be superimposed. The drawing process has many forms, such as cross pattern, cross pattern, broken pattern. The same is true for the sandblasting process. The process can be superimposed, and the sand grains also have thickness!

3. Etching stainless steel and titanium gold process
The etching process is more complicated than what is mentioned above, and the process can also be superimposed, such as mirror etching of titanium sheet, wire drawing and etching of titanium plate, and sandblasting and etching of titanium plate. These effects can all be achieved. Let me share the effects of these processes for everyone! If you want to know more process combinations and prices, please remember to pay attention to me!



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