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What is rose gold mirror stainless steel and what are the advantages?

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CBSA international is China's color PVD stainless steel sheet manufacturer and exporter, specializing in the production of various color stainless steel PVD process sheets, with mirror, brushed and sandblasted colors, gold, rose gold, green, black, etc.

What is rose gold mirror stainless steel and what are the advantages?

One. What is rose gold mirror stainless steel sheet
What we usually call mirror rose gold is called stainless steel mirror rose gold plate, which is a common metal decoration material. The primary color stainless steel plate is polished on the surface to achieve the mirror effect, and then the vacuum titanium plating technology is used. The electro-ionized metal plating method, the rose gold color is plated on the surface of stainless steel. This presents the mirror rose gold plate we have seen.

Second, the advantages of rose gold mirror

1. The colored surface is colorful, bright, bright, soft, elegant, and smooth

2. Mirror surface The corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the rose gold stainless steel plate are stronger than that of ordinary stainless steel.

3. Mirror surface The main body of the rose gold stainless steel sheet is integrated with the colored layer, which maintains the basic structure and basic performance of the original stainless steel. The mirror surface rose gold sheet can be processed by conventional molding and stretching.

4. Among the commonly used primary color stainless steels, austenitic stainless steel is the most suitable coloring material, and a satisfactory color appearance can be obtained.

5. Since ferritic stainless steel will increase the possibility of corrosion in the coloring solution, the color obtained is not as bright as the former. However, low-chromium high-carbon martensitic stainless steel, due to its worse corrosion resistance, can only get a dark color or a black surface.

6. It can be widely used in elevators, hardware appliances, kitchen appliances, cabinets, building decoration, advertising signs, daily necessities, etc. It can greatly increase the added value of products and has obvious market competitive advantages.


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