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What are the color stainless steel furniture?

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Color stainless steel is everywhere. Whether in decoration or product application, stainless steel is inseparable. What are the colors of stainless steel furniture and what role it hopes to play in people's lives. Let's get to know the modern and fashionable colorful stainless steel furniture together.
Since we have colored stainless steel sheets, colored stainless steel is indispensable in every corner of life. Why is colored stainless steel used so commonly? How much do people know about it? Let us first understand colored stainless steel, and then interpret the application of colored stainless steel. , Especially in the field of furniture, what surprises it brings to people.

Colored stainless steel sheet is processed and colored on the basis of ordinary stainless steel sheet. Ordinary stainless steel sheet has existed in a very early period. People have already understood it very well and don't want to look at it. So how can the color stainless steel sheet be quickly accepted by everyone? It is precisely because of the rich texture and color of the color stainless steel surface that the creativity reflected in the indoor space application and product production is very impressive. In the interior decoration, I believe everyone can see a lot of design application effects, such as the ceiling and wall of the hotel, the public space of the shopping mall and the shop decoration, all use a large number of colored stainless steel sheets.

Regarding the application of products, we often see stainless steel glass doors and windows. They are all made of gold mirror or rose gold mirror or brushed to make the door with the frame, as well as the display cabinet application of the boutique. As a furniture product, color stainless steel is used very well. Many hotel furniture uses a large number of gold stainless steel brackets as dining chair legs and coffee table legs, which have a special high-end luxury. Shine like gold. So what are these colorful stainless steel furniture made of? It is actually a complicated project. It is generally divided into two parts, one is metal, that is, stainless steel brackets or serifs, etc., and the other is the soft package material produced by traditional furniture. , The two were originally produced in different factories, but their ingenious combination perfectly interprets classic and luxurious high-end furniture. They are generally used in high-end hotels, clubs, and KTV bars. Of course, they are now commonly used in home life and become home furnishings. A wind shadow line.

The production requirements for colored stainless steel furniture are very high. Generally, there are two processes. One is to use the existing color palette for production, which is suitable for simple style. The other is special-shaped production, which uses ordinary stainless steel plates to undergo modeling customization, welding and polishing, and finally plating to complete the production of the entire metal part, and finally combined with the soft package to form a perfect art product. Color stainless steel can generally be used to make coffee tables, bars, wine cabinets, dining tables and chairs, living room sofas and other furniture, with high quality, luxurious appearance, beautiful appearance, durability and easy care. If you want to learn more about colorful stainless steel furniture, please continue to pay attention to CBSA International, you will get more design ideas and application solutions.



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