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Furniture customization Why choose color stainless steel sheet

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Colored stainless steel sheets have entered the home living space. In addition to space decoration, there are also living furniture that uses colored stainless steel to decorate the home space, thereby improving the quality of life. From the appearance, it is both fashionable and in line with modern people. Aesthetic standards.
With the improvement of the social economy level and people's quality of life, colored stainless steel has entered the well-off family, especially the use of furniture and interior space decoration, bringing different artistic beauty to the home space.

Colored stainless steel has changed people's lives, so that everyone has a higher pursuit of the aesthetic and material effects of environmental appearance, so that the application of stainless steel is more ordinary.
In the past, everyone used wooden cabinets, worrying about environmental protection and safety as well as the quality of use. Now, with colorful stainless steel cabinets and stainless steel bathroom cabinets, you no longer have to worry about Jiaquan polluting the family environment, and it is much more durable, which brings a lot of convenience to modern families and greatly solves the complicated storage problems and use in home life. Worries.
Since the stainless steel door, the home has become safer, more secure and reliable. Although white stainless steel was used in the past, it has been used for many years and it will not break. Now, in order to pursue a higher quality of life, the new house is decorated with high-end color stainless steel copper doors. The high-end atmosphere is high-end. The neighbors say this is beautiful, and the cultural people have taste...
Once I went to a friend’s house as a guest, and when I used her bathroom, I found that they all used luxury-grade stainless steel bathroom cabinets. The exterior workmanship was very exquisite and it was especially convenient to use. So when I was decorating a new house for my child, I bought it This stainless steel bathroom cabinet is really different from use, it is safe, durable and convenient, and it is not afraid of humidity and rust. Since then, it has been found that buying a good quality product, even if it is more expensive, is really easy to use...
At present, stainless steel color panels are mainly used in the home space, mainly used in entrance doors, furniture, wall decoration edge strips, lighting fixtures, wine cabinets, cabinets, shower rooms and bathroom cabinets in bathroom spaces, and hardware products for home use. , Wide use.

Let's take a look at the stainless steel color plates, so that we can choose the stainless steel products suitable for our own use.
Classified by process:
A, electroplating
Electroplating: The process of attaching a metal film to the surface of a metal or other material by electrolysis. It can play a role in preventing corrosion, improving wear resistance, electrical conductivity, light reflection and enhancing aesthetics.
B, water plating
It does not rely on an external power source in the aqueous solution, and it is a process that relies on the reducing agent in the plating solution to perform a chemical reduction reaction to continuously reduce the metal ions on the autocatalytic surface to form a metal coating.
C, fluorocarbon paint
Refers to coatings with fluororesin as the main film-forming substance; also known as fluorocarbon paint, fluorocoating, fluororesin coating
D, spray paint
Use compressed air to spray the paint into a mist and apply it on the stainless steel plate to form different colors.
Classified by surface effect

Stainless steel color steel, nano hot stamping, anti-fingerprint, copper plate, etching plate, coated plate, mirror plate (8K), drawing plate, frosted plate, random pattern plate, sandblasted plate, etching plate, embossed plate.
1. Color stainless steel mirror panel (color steel)
The 8K board is also called the mirror panel. It is polished on the surface of the stainless steel plate with a polishing equipment with a polishing liquid to make the surface brightness as clear as a mirror, and then electroplated and colored.
2. Nano hot stamping (new technology product)
Nano hot stamping is a breakthrough technology based on new materials, which uses high temperature to convert organic nano-organic materials
A surface treatment technology in which the pattern formed by the material coating is printed on the surface of stainless steel. At present, this technology is researched and developed by the company. It is a combination of super cost-effective products and high-definition color printing technology, which is suitable for cabinets, bathroom cabinets, doors, engineering decoration and other product spaces.
3. Anti-fingerprint (super weather-resistant anti-fingerprint technology)
In order to protect the surface of processed stainless steel products, when customers touch the products, they will not leave fingerprints and keep the surface bright and clean as new. At present, the craftsman has upgraded it to super weather resistant anti-fingerprint technology, that is, while maintaining the original performance, it improves the surface protection effect, enhances the outdoor anti-oxidation ability and uses it in coastal areas with high salt powder content to change color and maintain a longer life. effect.
4. Copper-plated stainless steel
Stainless steel copper plating has always been a high-end work of art. It is divided into real copper plating and vacuum copper plating. The outside is more water plating. It is etched on the surface and then chemically reflected by copper water electrolysis to form a certain thickness on the surface. The copper layer, which was used in the early days of wall decoration painting props in high-end places, has been widely used in stainless steel high-end entrance doors in recent years, and has become a household product.
5. Stainless steel wire drawing board
Pull-line board (LH), also called hairline, because the lines are like hair slender and straight. Its surface looks like a silk texture, which is the basic processing technology of stainless steel. According to the different textures, there are hairline (HL), snow-sand texture, and (random), cross, cross, etc. All textures are processed by oil-polishing hairline machine as required, and then electroplated and colored.
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