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Why is there no fingerprint on the surface of the stainless steel color plate?

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What is no fingerprint?
The stainless steel fingerprint-free plate refers to the coating of a transparent colorless to light yellow liquid protective layer on the surface of the stainless steel. After the transparent nano metal roller coating liquid is dried, it is firmly combined with the stainless steel surface with various textures. Together, a transparent, hard and solid protective film is formed.

The stainless steel surface is processed with advanced fingerprint-free technology to increase the beauty and durability of the metal decorative plate. Its main purpose is to prevent people from leaving fingerprints on the surface when touching these plates, so that the surface will not be lost by oil, sweat, dust, etc. luster.
The fingerprint-free process has changed the problem of obvious fingerprints left on the surface of stainless steel when touched. In addition, the fingerprint-free process can make the color stainless steel surface gloss more durable and lasting, reducing the time for daily maintenance.

According to the characteristics of stainless steel and the previous finished product test data, a fingerprint-free process must be used to protect the board surface. Because in the early testing process, it was found that the same stainless steel material has a big difference in the effect of resisting the same external pollution.
The stainless steel plate that has been made without fingerprints, after bending and shearing, can be stocked and used for much longer than the stainless steel plate without fingerprints.


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