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Three tips for choosing a colored stainless steel plate

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Three tips for choosing a colored stainless steel plate
Today, I will teach you how to choose stainless steel plates. Stainless steel plates have been around for more than 100 years. Its surface is smooth, has good plasticity, toughness and mechanical strength, and also has strong resistance to acid, alkaline gas or solution corrosion. Stainless steel plate mainly refers to steel plate which is resistant to corrosion by weak media such as atmosphere, steam and water. For the uneven quality on the market, how should consumers choose? I will teach you some buying skills.

First, look at the price
The commonly used materials of colored stainless steel plates on the market are 201, 304, 316 and other models, which are processed and colored. Among these models, the best corrosion resistance is 316, while the worst is 201, and the price difference is also relatively large. Therefore, some black dealers often use 201 with bad materials instead of 304 and 316. Some use water plating coloring process instead of vacuum ion plating coloring process. When many stainless steel plates are installed in architectural decoration projects, the surface appears to fall off and rust. Even the problem of fracture.
The coloring process on the surface of stainless steel will affect the price level. There are two types: the water-plating coloring process and the vacuum plating coloring process. Lower. The latter is relatively environmentally friendly and does not produce toxic or polluting substances.

Second, look at the color difference
Because the colored stainless steel plate is mainly used for architectural decoration, the ornamental is very important. When inspecting the goods, the owners need to take good care of the situation, carefully inspect and observe the surface to see if there is any color difference, as well as scratches, trachoma, peeling water marks and other problems.
Third, check the quality of the film over a large area
After the processing is completed, a protective film is usually affixed to the surface of the colored stainless steel plate to ensure the surface finish and avoid being scratched by hard objects. If the protective film is of poor quality, it will be powdered for a long time, and it will be difficult to tear, or a lot of glue will stick to the surface after tearing, which is unsightly. When inspecting the goods, it is recommended to tear open a large area to check the quality of the film, and to remove the film as soon as possible after the installation of the decoration project, especially for outdoor decoration.

The above introduces the skills of selecting stainless steel plates from Xibo International's more than 10 years of hardware processing experience and network collection. It is necessary to do relevant work in advance before purchasing. It is necessary to learn more such knowledge in advance, which will give merchants unethical The chance of deception is greatly reduced.


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